Design, Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations in Compliance with SS638 (Formerly CP5)

“The Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2018 was passed in Parliament on 1 Oct 2018 and came into operation on 3 May 2019. This course will dissect the amendments and discuss how they may impact the work and services of developers, consultants, site staff, contractors and LEWs.”


This short course is structured to introduce participants to the regulatory environment, the design principles, inspection and testing of electrical installations in customer premises, including the specific CP5 requirements pertaining to low voltage electrical installations. 

 The course is conducted through lectures and case studies to enable the participants to progress with the basic electrical installation design procedures, inspection and testing processes. Practical hands-on sessions are carried out in class to enhance the learning experience.


The participants will learn through this short course the regulatory frameworks in respect of electrical installations, roles and responsibilities of LEW and licensee of an electrical installation as well as liabilities for non-compliance. 

 The participants will be guided through the key requirements in CP5 and other codes of practice where applicable, just name a few, in protection against electric shock, over current, faults and under voltage as well as inspection, testing, etc. 

Demonstration on verification of final circuit design, cable sizing and MCB rating selection, etc. will be carried out to enable the participants to acquire the skills to ensure the compliance of the electrical installations.


Electrical Installation and Regulatory frameworks (1/2 day)

  • The relevant Act, Regulations and CP5
  • Roles and Responsibilities of LEW and Licensee of Electrical Installation
  • Pre-commissioning checks and turn-on procedures
  • Lessons learned from court case judgments on electrical installation incidents

Design Concept of Electrical Installations (1/2 day)

  • Assessment of general characteristics of electrical installations
  • Isolation and isolation devices
  • Protective devices and conductor sizing
  • Characteristics of protective devices and their making and breaking capacities
  • Cable installation methods and current rating
  • Cable rating correcting factors
  • Voltage drop tolerance and voltage drop calculation
  • Temperature correcting factor for resistance

Over Current and Fault Protection, selection of protective conductors (1/2 days)

  • Protection against overcurrent faults and earth leakage
  • Fault current calculation
  • Separated extra low voltage system
  • Understanding earthing and protective conductor sizing
  • Earth leakage protection devices
  • Protection against shock
  • Earth fault loop impedance and touch voltage

Installation design procedure, inspection and testing, and worked examples (1/2 day)

  • Shunt trip and direct acting trip
  • Characteristic of IDMTL relays and relay setting
  • Protection grading and discrimination
  • Protection against direct and indirect shock
  • Worked example & computer based wiring design application & demonstration
  • Inspection and testing
  • Location specific application
  • Solar Photovoltaic power supply system
  • Outdoor applications
  • Cable capacities of conduit and trunking


M&E Engineers, Designers, Contractors and fresh graduates in electrical installations within the built environment.


Participants will be issued a Certificate of Attendance.


Date:    7th – 8th October 2019 (Mon & Tue)

Time:    9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Venue: HDB Centre of Building Research,

10 Woodlands Ave 8, Singapore 738973 “Fee:  S$790 Nett

Group Discount: Sign Up 2 & 3rd pax attends FREE

Refreshment and lunch will be provided. Complimentary parking lots are available on first-come-first-served basis.


PEB — Pending


Er. Nicholas Lee Poh Choo
PEng, BEng (Electrical), Consultant

Er. Lee has more than 40 years’ experience in the public utility sector, holding several senior positions when he worked in SP Power Grid. He was involved in the predictive and conditioned based maintenance to improve network reliability and power quality in the power distribution network.

Mr HC Lim

BEng (EE), MSc (IE), LLB (Hons), BSc (Economics) Hons, P.Eng, C.Eng, Sr MIES, MIET, ACS, ACIS is a Principal Consultant, a translator, an advisor for parties in adjudication as well as a certified ACTA trainer and assessor.